About the artist Molly

Full Time Artist


In 2014, after 20 plus years as a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry, Molly sold her Skin Care business and rekindled her passion for art. “Drawing has always been a way to relax for me” said Molly “As an artist, drawing animals, especially pets, brings a special joy to me. I love to see that same joy come from my patrons after seeing the finished pet portraits; it’s something they’ll have forever. ”  Molly also does a variety of animal art in pastels, watercolor and colored pencil. 

Man's Best Friend

The unconditional love that we get from our pets is cherished. We love them and want to remember them forever. "When I do a pet portrait I always think of the bountiful love and happiness that they give us." said Molly.

Art and Reiki

Molly has practiced energy work all her life; helping and healing people and animals.  Merging positive Reiki energy with art gives her work the best possible outcome.